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    Alright, I have a bit of an interesting problem. It's been going on for 4 days now, and it's gotten frustrating to the point where I'm actually taking the time to make a forum post.

    I'm running a new imac, bought directly from apple in april. It was originally installed with OSX Lion, and I have recently "upgraded" to mountain lion. Originally, this ran fine with little issues, accept with the occasional compatibilty problems with older software. all of it has been updated at this point though.

    So, my problem starts here. I attempted to resize iTunes while the visualizer was running. This froze my computer completely, in what I believe to be my computer's attempt to render what was happening. it probably doesn't help that my RAM was maxed out at the time (only have 4 gigs) and I was livestreaming to a server at the time. So, I could not force quit since my mouse would not move. I force shut down my computer by holding down the power button. After rebooting my computer, I recieved the message similar to "your computer has restarted due to an issue" right as the grey start up screen appeared. I logged in normally after this, and attempted to connect to the internet. Although my internet is working, it does not connect. I know it is connected, because I have a secondary imac running on the same wireless network, and this connects to the internet absolutely fine. I have called my ISP and have determined my internet is running 100% normally.

    here is what I have done to resolve this problem so far.

    I have tried both an ethernet connection as well as a wireless connection

    reset the PRAM

    request a new ip liscense (I cannot remember the term used for this)

    All of my internet settings are correct.

    My ip adress does not start with 169, so it is not self assigned. it is, so I am connected to my wireless network

    reinstalled osx 10.8.2. this did not change anything

    log in as a different user.

    set up a different user,

    I went into my /system/ configuration folder, found the /preferences.plist file and deleted that in addition to all of my system preferences.

    I have booted my computer in safe mode.

    I do not have any time machine back ups.

    Now, here is the weird part. I booted my computer to the screen where it has the options of restoring a time machine back up, disk utility, reinstall osx, and connect to apple help via safari. I did indeed connect to the internet through safari, and my internet works normally as long as I am in this extremely limited mode of operation. This is actually how I am able to post this. So, my internet is indeed working on this computer, yet not in the actual OS after logging in.

    Sorry for the wall of text, any suggestions on this problem? My warranty has expired, so I cannot contact Apple support

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    First, try resetting the SMC (if you have not already done so): Shut the iMac down and pull the AC plug from the wall outlet. Let it set for 5 minutes or so and then plug it back in and boot the machine. See if that restores your internet connection. If not, you may have to reinstall Mountain Lion from your Recovery partition.

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