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    Early 08' MBpro looses wifi after one minute
    So here is my first post...

    The machine:
    2.4 GHz core 2 duo
    4 gb ram
    10.6.8 (up-to-date)

    (Condition Exist on my MA464 machine as well however since that MBP is from 06' I figured it was an equipment failure)

    The issue has been happening with more and more frequency. Basically when starting up the computer it will connect and allow for browser to load at most one page. Then the connection ceases. The signal strength shows full bars, and the pull down displays all networks. Yet no matter what I do nothing helps.

    I am beginning to wonder if the Airport card is bad, but if that was the case then I shouldn't be able to pull up info on it in the system profiler? right?

    Pinging sites comes back as "unknown host". I cleared the PRAM and it didn't resolve n e thing.

    Through research I have seen this is a problem that is not exclusive to me, but I haven't found any real solution that has worked. Anyone have a suggestion?

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    Are you using a router? Try attaching an ethernet cable from the MBP to the router to make sure your connection is OK. If you can get a steady connection via ethernet, run the Apple Hardware Test to see what it tells you about the Airport card in your MBP.

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    Oct 16, 2012
    Network is OK I am using my MC026 MBP on it and I have several other devices that connect just fine.

    I did connect directly to the ethernet already, connection was fine I was able to dload and install the most recent security update. I will run a hardware test now.

    I did delete the keychain passwords and reset them. It seemed to help but I'm not convinced that it fixed the problem.

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