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    Just let me start by saying that I'm a Noobi.

    Anyway, I have a problem with netboot, I was able to netboot my client MBP's a week or so ago, but after installing the latest software updates netboot no longer works. Everything seems to be setup correctly form what I've read and when I look at the system.log file I'm not seeing error or timeout messages. I can ping the server and all my clients are getting DHCP addresses. I really don't know where to go next. Any help is much appreciated.


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    You'll have to create a new image machine, by

    1. Installing DeployStudio v1.0rc133 on the server and the new image machine. Set up the DeployStudio server and on the new machine create the netboot set, then transfer the .nbi file to the server.
    2. Set up the Netboot from Server Admin, make sure you have only that new .nbi enabled and set as default.
    3. Net boot the new image machine, let DeployStudio create the master image (this may take a long time)
    4. Net boot other new laptops and let DeployStudio deploy the master image to those machines.

    Always make sure your firmware is updated, cause this may well also be the culprit.

    Hope this works out for you.

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