hi there sorry if this thread is in the wrong place.

my problem - after a while my macbook seems to not be able to see my interface that is connected therefore making me have to restart my computer every time it happens.

i own a tascam us 1800 audio interface (USB) that i use with my MacBook Pro (2010 model i think) so all my sound comes out my studio monitors.

it has been working perfectly fine but sometimes after a while my macbook cant seem to find the interface anymore, i think its when no audio has been played for a while, for example when i've been on logic for a while i then browse the internet for a while and about an hour or so later i go to watch a film and i have no sound (or it changes back to built in sound), when i look in system preferences the interface isn't listed, i've tried switching off the interface, unplug it, plug back in, turn on, and many other variations but still nothing so i have to restart the computer for it to see it again.

could it be the usb ports playing up rather than the interface or OS? is there any way to test if the ports are playing up?

any help will be much appreciated.