I'm trying to find some basic commands and examples for pfctl I come from a Linux background and am pretty comfortable with iptables Most of the info about the Mac pf firewall involves monkeying with GUI stuff, and so far all of the command line references I'm finding are for BSD and don't appear to be relevant (references to contents of /etc/pf.conf that just don't look anything like what I'm seeing in mine).

How do I get a list of all current firewall rules ( iptables -L )?

How do I start the pf firewall and flush any and all rulesets?

How do I set default policies?

I usually start by denying all inbound connections except for those related to established outbound connections.

I found IceFloor, but that appears to configure my firewall as opposed to generating rules. I want to wind up with command-line commands that can be added to a script... it's tedious enough standing up new hosts without having to go through a clickfest to configure every little thing.