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    Do I have to use Time Machine for my Seagate to backup my other external hard drive?
    Do I have to use Time Machine for my Seagate to backup my other external hard drive?

    I'm using an iMac at home with Snow Leopard...

    I have an external hard drive (Toshiba), and I want to back that up onto a second external hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex). The Seagate uses Time Machine... which I'm very unfamiliar with... I did a backup, but I'm not sure if it backed up my Toshiba? I don't store anything on my iMac's hard drive, ONLY on my Toshiba... I just want a backup of it... but this darn Seagate won't let me just drag and drop my files onto it... it only uses Time Machine (from what I can tell). SO... will Time Machine backup the Toshiba onto my Seagate? And if not, any suggestions of what I can do besides buy a new external hard drive? I appreciate any advice, I feel pretty clueless with this one.


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    Time Machine is not a good solution for backing up one hard drive to another. The best way is to use cloning software. Carbon Copy Cloner is designed to do backups from your internal hard drive to an external or from one hard drive to another. However, the application is not free but it is well worth the registration fee. I use it extensively and it has rescued me from disaster several times. Here is the download LINK.

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    I use Superduper. works just fine with any drive. Just Google it.

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