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Thread: Upgrading from Leopard

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    Upgrading from Leopard
    I have an IMac 10.5.8 w /Leopard operating system. I have been using Chrome and Firefox now they are saying I will not be safe unless I upgrade to MountainLion. whenI try to I get a MSG that says I have to have OSX 10.6 operating system or higher so I cannot download. I am curious what other people are doing in this situation.

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    The first thing they are doing is checking to see if they have an Intel-based iMac capable of running 10.6 or higher.

    Can I Upgrade to Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)?

    Assuming their machine can handle Snow Leopard, they then CALL Apple on the phone and order a DVD of Snow Leopard (should cost about $30 + handling). Apple does not sell Snow Leopard any other way.

    Once they have backed up their system, they can then install Snow Leopard, then use Software Update to bring their machine up to 10.6.8. This provides them with the Mac App Store where they can buy Mountain Lion for $20 (provided, of course, that their machine is capable of running Mountain Lion. Some machines that can run Snow Leopard cannot run Mountain Lion due to graphics limitations).

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