Is it just me or the "Clean Up" Option in Finder sucks. Every time I adjust my finder to get bigger or smaller, ML tries to automatically reorganize my folders. Like in Snow Leopard if you set 4 folders to a row it stays 4 folders in a row. Now there maybe like 5 or 6 depending on how I adjust the size of my finder window.

Is there a way, like in Snow Leopard to just keep each window the same. 4 Folders in each row, I adjust the finder window and it stays the same. This is the most annoyest **** ever. It's like everytime I open finder everything is differently organized.

Then on top of it if I plug my external hardrive in it starts to **** with my organization in there. Like ML will start to automatically alphabetize my folders as soon as something new is added. I like the option for me to click "Clean Up By Name" then it will go ABC order. It's like ML is making decisions on its own. Ehhhh.

Any suggestions how to turn this algorithm off or something...