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    can't get photostream to work
    i can't get ps to work i take a photo on my iPhone but it wont show up in iPhoto,i have followed all the instructions to no avail,what i did notice on youtube is that photosteam is under recent tab but mine is under a web tab does this make any difference

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    OK. You say you've followed all the instructions but without knowing what you've tried this maybe covering old ground for you.

    1. Are you using the same AppleID for iCloud on your phone and iCloud on your Mac?
    2. Can you see photos in your Photostream on your iPhone?
    3. Which Mac do you have?
    4. Which version of OSX do you have?
    5. Which version of iPhoto do you have?
    6. Which version of iOS is on your iPhone?
    Not been around these parts for a while. Trying to change that . .

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