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    Apple Mail as default email app
    I am running 10.7.5 with Mail 5.3. I also have Microsoft Office / Outlook 2011 for Mac on this machine. In Mail / Preferences / General I have the "Default email reader" set for Mail App (5.3). Occasionally, when creating a new email from clicking on an email hyperlink in a a received email or whatever, Outlook will open with a new message window. When I then look at the Mail prefs it has changed to "Microsoft Outlook app"

    Anyone have an idea of what is causing this and how to correct it?

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    That can happen if the hyperlink you click on to answer from was sent via Outlook. It's not supposed to effect your default email app but Outlook 2011 being a version 1.0 application sometimes acts a bit unconventional. Not sure there is anything right now you can do to stop it. Hopefully when MS releases Office 2013 for the Mac they fix the little glitches and improve Outlook. I don't use my copy of Outlook because it's too unpredictable.

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