I got a new sad to replace my hdd with. I followed the directions on apple's website: I erased and formatted my usb drive, I downloaded and installed Lion Recovery Assistant on it, then I put the SSD in.
Then I boot up holding the Option key and I connect to my wi-fi and I select "Recovery HD". Then I make sure the SSD is formatted properly (GUID, etc) and create a new partition. I name it, exit disk utility and select Reinstall Lion.
I follow the directions, but it doesn't ask for my Apple ID, weird. It starts reinstalling telling me 1:35 hours left, which increases to about 7 hours left and then I get this error: "Cannot download the addition components needed to instal Mac OS X Lion"

I am mentioning that the usb drive I used for the recovery assistant was formatted correctly as well.

Any ideas why this happens?

I also tried using Internet Recovery but after 4-5 minutes I get a weird error: I get a triangle on the world map and the text bellow says something like: "apple.com/support - 501 OF [11 ]