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    MacBook USB disabled

    I own a 13" white MacBook and a couple of days ago I plugged in my iPhone 4S to update it with my iTunes and I got this message.

    I tried using a different cord and a different device but still the same message.
    I looked online for a solution online and I did a SMC reset but that didn't change the situation.

    The weird thing is that the same day my wall outlet charger for my iPhone stopped working as well. I tried a different plug, different device, and different cord but nothing.

    I know that it's not my iPhone because when I put it in my iHome and in the car charger it worked. I just don't know what's wrong and could use some help or advice. Like is it just a coincidence that my MacBook's usb and my wall outlet usb both stopped working on the same day or what?

    Thanks in advance,
    Cyndi V

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    The iPhone and iPad draw more current then what can be sustained on a MacBook and most MacBook Pro machines. Your wall charger going out the same time is probably coincidental. You might also try doing a PRAM reset to see if you can awaken the USB ports.

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