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    pdf to word
    I have a older MAC osx version 10.6.8
    I am trying to convert a pdf file to a word docuement for a lesson I'm working on. I went into Applications to automation then click on pdf and extract pdf text. I then saved it and dragged into my new automation file and then dragged the new rtf file onto the word program. But it doesn't open. It doesn't read it properly.
    Can anyone guide me, please

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    It's a little bit tricky to extract PDF to rtf using automator.
    1. First you need to choose Wordflow instead of Application.
    2. Search 'Ask for Finder Items', drag it from the second column to the right.
    3. And then, click PDFs in the first column, drag ' Extract PDF Text' to the right section, choose rtf as output format.
    4. Command+S to save this workflow, remember to choose 'Application' from the dropdown menu, for example, save as 'PDF to RTF' on desktop.
    5. The application name PDF to rtf will appear on the desktop. Now you can drag PDF into the application you created, and you can see the rtf file on the desktop immediately.
    Open RTF in Word will keep the text, but the layout will lost, such as columns. And the text looks a bit messy. Actually there are many programs, like this PDF to word converter, that can retaining formatting and images well. If you just need the text, automator is good.

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