I have the mid-2007 Macbook in white
- Macbook 2,1
- MB062LL
- 2.16 GHz core 2 duo
- 2 GB ram
- Leopard

My questions are regarding an SSD (most probably a 256GB) upgrade.

1) What SSD specifications do I need to look for so as to make sure it will work with my MB
- any model/make recommendations?

2) I wish to do a clean install (may be Lion). How would I do that on a newly installed SSD?
- assuming the OS installation goes well, How do I restore my iTunes+iPhoto library from a time capsule created on my current MB.
- would an (SSD + 4GB ram (effective 3.0 GB) + Lion) upgrade be better than my current configuration

3) What is TRIM?

I realize these questions may require long explanations, but any bits of information/references are much appreciated. I am just hoping to make an informed decision before making this upgrade.

Thank you all!