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    I have been using this computer since July with no problem downloading billing statements. Now I suddenly have a problem with my cable and my electric company. In Firefox I can't even see a copy of the bill. In Safari I see the bill and do a "save as". When I then open the downloaded copy I get a message "pdf maybe damaged or file formate preview doesn't recognize.". So I try a print as PDF doc but the page that shows for printing is blank as is the resulting document. Both companies say it is my computer. I go to my old iBook (OS 10.4.11 with PC processor--reason for new computer) and am able to see and download pdf copy of bills just fine. I them mailed them to myself and the copies open on the MacBook Pro just fine. So what has happened? There was a recent upgrade to the OS and I am suspicious that is what has created this problem. My problem thus far is with both TimeWarner Cable and First Energy. AT&T bill download still works fine.

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    I see this posting has gotten a lot of views but no replies. Does anyone from Apple ever look at these?
    Here is an update-- Both TimeWarner Cable and First Energy now work fine. But Pioneer Telephone and Comcast Cable still do not. Would someone please tell me what is going on.

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    These forums are privately operated and owned and have no affiliation with Apple. If someone from Apple views them, it would be in an unofficial status.

    Also, the number of views are not only from forum members but reflect views by search engines such as Google and Bing.

    Now to answer your question. In Safari, if you display the PDF file and then attempt to download it, you'll only get the meta data not the file. Instead, right click the PDF file and select "Download link as file". The PDF will be downloaded to your documents folder and will contain the entire PDF ready to open.

    Other browsers operate a bit differently. Chrome for instance will download the file direct as a PDF with having to right click and select.

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