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Thread: Snow Leopard shuts off during startup

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    Unhappy Snow Leopard shuts off during startup

    my Macbook Pro Snow Leopard has been acting screwy lately. When i push the power button, it makes its little noises like its going to start up, but then shuts off. So when i go to push the button again, the startup lasts a little longer, (until the gray screen with the apple pops up) and then shuts off again while its loading up. I dont understand what could be causing this. At first i thought it was because my battery was dead, however, i double checked and i was at full battery life. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? I usually have to end up playing the button game for at least 2 minutes before it decided to boot up completely. Im crossing my fingers my baby isnt dying.

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    How about some specs: Year and model MBP?

    The shut downs are likely being caused by a hardware problem. It could be a memory error, power supply, or even a defective hard drive.

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    to be honest, its not mine, its my fiances so im not EXACT on the year. But i think it is a 2010 OS X and its running at software version 10.6.8

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