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    Extremely annoying fan noise MBP
    I know this has been discussed over and over and I also tried everything which was recommended to solve it, however no success.

    The fans are driving me crazy since I updated to Lion a year ago. Ever since I can't get them to stop.

    I can hear the fans even after rebooting with no apps open. After logging in the fans go to full speed and noise for a minute or so and then start to slowly calm down up to the point where I can still hear them "humming".

    And let's not even talk about Youtube. I'm not talking about 720p videos, simple 360p, even 240p videos make the fans go crazy.

    As for as I know I never had any issues with the fans back with Snow Leopard.

    I installed Fan Control and after rebooting with no apps running, well other than System Preferences, I get around 4000 rpm and 60 C/ 140 F temperature.

    I don't know whether this is of importance, but..

    Base speed 1500 rpm
    Lower Threshold 50 C/ 122 F
    Upper Threshold 80 C/ 176 F

    I just want my MBP (mid 09, Lion 10.7.5, 1 fan) to be quiet. I'm not even using any apps other than Firefox. Guess it can't be too much to ask to want it to be quiet.

    Of course there's the option to switch back to Snow Leopard, but that's way too much of a hassle for me right now, so I'm looking for a solution that works with Lion.

    I know this "fan" stuff has been discussed over and over, but with my Mac's details posted may be some of you will notice something unusual. Idk, may be the rpm or temperature is normal, but it can't be normal that the fan goes full speed when simply booting and logging in.

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Depending on where you have been taking you MBP for the past 3 years, your fans and heatsinks might have a build up of dust collected on them.

    If you want to get down and dirty with your MBP, this is what I had to do on my older '07 & '08 MBP:
    Open the MBP to the access the insides,
    Blow out all the dust bunnies with compressed air,
    Remove and take apart both fans and clean the dust on the fan blades with a small brush,
    Relube the spindle of the fan blade assembly with white lithium grease,
    Reassemble the MBP and test out.

    Now both of my MBP's are a lot quieter and at 121 degrees, my fans are running at 1995 RPM (iStat Menu app). And... I saved $400 ($200 per MBP) that the Apple store would have charged me for doing the same thing to both of my MBP's.
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    In addition to the above reply.... You might want to visit iFixit: The free repair manual to look at the step by step take apart instructions for your model MBP before you attempt any disassembly.

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