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    Clock, date and battery wouldn't show in task tray
    I'm using OSX on a G4 iBook. Somehow, the clock, date and battery just wouldn't show up in the task tray. What must I do? Thanks!

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    I have had that problem 2 times since I got my PB (3 months ago) So far no one here or at apple were able to tell me why, how to fix it, or why it happened, nor has it happened to any of them (that they said anyway..)

    Anyways, for me first time was week and half after my pb.... at this point I was turning it off every night before I went to bed. Then I plugged in my wireless router.... get this! That doesn't even plugin to your computer (sure you knew that, just drawling a mental image)... The box required a restart, I did so... It booted up and boom no clock no dock, no Macintosh HD icon, I was spazing. Then the dock popped up then the Mac HD icon. But the task bar aka manu bar icons never loaded. It would not turn off manually. I had to rip the stinkin battery out, PLugged it back in and for some reason that didn't even kill my computer (turn off) so I tried pushing the button on the keyboard part of the computer it work'd. I let it sit turned off the cable modem took a deep breath turned it back on and it came on and everything loaded this time but realy realy slow! Later I turned on airport and surfed wirelessly (Yes! With everything showing) Then for about a week everytime I rebooted everything loaded really slowly instead of all at once... it was like title bar.... (10 seconds) dock (10 seconds) HD icon (10 seconds) (menu icons) I was upset. Then it slowed down to about 5 second intervals then 2 then none. !

    Then the second time was when I was testing a halo download for a friend with 56k, it was for pc but I figured it'd download to my desktop then i could delete it. Instead it wanted to open and install as it was downloading screwed my finder to pieces so that's why the stuff wouldn't load on that reboot. Mac Addikt.... I think or maybe Graphite gave me a little thing to push on restart that resets the parimaters and it worked great for start up but then my shut down time was crazy like 2 minutes. It fixed its self over night.

    All I can say is restart... watch the amount of stuff you have on start up programs... remove ichat from there....? And def don't have Konfabulator running on startup IME (experience) I have found this to cause bad loading probs...

    Other than that cross your fingers/pray (whatever you do) then hope it doesn't happen again.

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