Hey guys, I hope I can explain this clearly, as I'm not sure how to upload screenshots...

I can't pinpoint an exact time or event which caused this to occur, and don't know quite how to put it into words - except to say that some of my menu items and window headers are displaying odd (misplaced even?) information in place of what usually appears...

For instance, in the header when I empty the trash, in the grey bar above where the status reads, "emptying the trash..." the header displays "PW30."

In addition, in my finder on the left menu, the drives are under the drop-down header "SD5" and the user menu is under the drop down header "SD8."

There are other random locations I run into these titles such as under the "gear" folder edit button, it drops down to display "New Folder; Open; Get info.." etc., and further down the list is "N148; N35; LB1.." etc.

Anyone recognize this and have any idea what my issue is? thoughts? help? It's not hindering my use in any way of course, just odd and frustrating.

Thanks, all!