For several years I've been using the font Geneva CY to type documents in Russian and English. Recently I tried to make Geneva CY the default font for all of my documents and, if I understand correctly this is impossible for some reason (I'm working this out on another thread).

However, I've now run into a much more serious problem. I've just started a Master's program this week and the many notes I've been taking in Russian (using Geneva CY) have suddenly disappeared, converted into simple lines on the page, despite the fact that the page says it is still using the Geneva CY font, the original font that I used for the document. Since I never had a problem with this before, can I assume this is all related to my attempt to set Geneva CY as my default font...? And if I can assume that, is there any way I can use that assumption to help solve this problem? (please oh please oh please say yes)

Huuuuge karma points for anyone who can help me get this text back and soon. The entire list of the 373 very important things I am supposed to do for my course by next Wednesday is trapped in this problem!