I certainly hope there's a fix for this. I regularly connect a couple of different ext hard drives to my computer for files that sometimes need to be shared with or opened on a Windows system. Also, the media player that I use for my HD TV uses NTFS for its external device. Most of my movies and TV shows that I download on my mac, are then transferred to this ext. Hard Drive.

Immediately after having upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, I get an NTFS error. My system will not mount my bootcamp partitioned drive, nor will it mount any other external hard drive that is in the NTFS format. After doing some reading around on the Internet, from what I could find there was a conflict with two system preference panes, namely NTFS-3g, and Mac Fuse. I followed advice and deleted these two system preferences, but the problem remains, and I still cannot mount an NTFS drive on my system. After reading some more information, it was suggested that I need to download and install Paragon's NTFS utility in order for my computer to recognize an NTFS drive. This confuses me, BECAUSE, my wife's macbook air - running the same OS, has NO trouble mounting and opening an NTFS drive on her system. So, before I go ahead and "buy" this utility from Paragon, could somebody please clarify why everything works on my wife's Macbook Air without any other software or 3rd party utilities, and why it DOES NOT work on my system? (macbook pro 13" - late 2010 model)

Sincerely frustrated, but thankful for any help you can provide.