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Thread: Blinking folder on start up!

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    Everytime I start my computer up it starts with the noise and then a blinking folder... I have read plenty If forums, the only problem I have is... My CD drive doesn't work so I can't run the start up disk! someone help me!

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    The blinking "?" folder means that the computer cannot find a valid OS to boot from…and in MANY cases…the root of the problem is a dead hard drive.

    If your CD drive isn't working…then you need to either replace the CD drive with a working one…so you can boot from your OS CD. If you have a 2nd Macintosh computer available to you…you may be able to access things via "fire fire wire between that 2nd computer and the problem computer.

    How to use and troubleshoot FireWire target disk mode

    I'm guessing that the CD drive hasn't been working for a while…and it probably should have been replaced sooner.

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