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    Rebuilding a Mac mini
    Hi, I am new to this community and pretty new to Mac's after being recently converted.

    I have looked through many pages of threads and tried to search for the answer to this before posting so please forgive me if this has been asked before (which I'd be surprised if it hadn't)

    I bought my first Mac recently, I started off low with a Mac mini which has no CD / DVD drive and the OS (Lion) was pre installed, I have since upgraded to Mountain Lion from the App Store. Things have got a little messy where I have been installing trial software and generally playing and now I am more familiar with my Mac I would like to trash it and start again with a fresh OS install.

    Please could someone tell me how I'd go about rebuilding either back to how it came out of the box or a fresh install of Mountain Lion so I don't have to download and upgrade again.

    I have a USB stick to use but don't have an external DVD drive yet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    Unfortunately, unless you made a USB installer the first time you downloaded Mountain Lion you'll have to download Mountain Lion again.

    I'd recommend downloading the installer from the App Store, then you can make a USB installer in case you have to do it again.
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