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    can not open "workgroup manager" after changing IP
    Hi ,

    My Os is running mac os x 10.6.8 server. We have a VPN service running on it. We have moved our server from one location to another location. Due to which, we need to change the IP of the server. After changing the IP, I am not able to login into work group manager(even using root).

    I am not sure, but i guess this is issue related to DNS. because I can't see the name of the server in nslookup using IP.

    Do I need to ask our service provider to update the records?

    Please suggest. Also let me know what should I change in VPN configuration and which VPN client should I use to test the VPN server?


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    You need to give the server a static IP address by using DHCP with manual address give it a high number that doesn't clash with other machines on the network, like 200

    Then you need to update your router so that all of the servers services point to that IP address, see this guide

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