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    Nov 08, 2011
    Angry Deleting apps from Itunes
    I have been unable to figure out how to delete apps in Itunes that I bought or got free but did not like or don't use. There doesn't seem to be a way and I have over 100 apps many of which I don't use. Can anyone tell me if 1. its possible and 2. how to do it.


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    Yes, it is possible. In iTunes, click on Apps, this will show all of them, then highlight the apps you don't want and hit the delete key or right click and choose delete. When prompted, click on the checkbox to move the files to the Trash as well.

    The next time you sync your phone, the apps will be removed from your phone..

    You could also delete the apps on the phone itself by holding any app until they all start shaking and hitting the X that appears on the icons. However, until you delete them from iTunes as well, they will be restored the next time you sync..

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    Nov 08, 2011
    Angry Deleting apps from ITunes
    I tried your suggestion but nothing happens after selecting and hitting delete or with right click nothing shows.


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    What Raz0rEdge says has always worked with me re my iPhone and iPad. I can't understand why it fails in your case.

    However, when you sync your iPhone and click on apps, a list of all your apps will appear with a tick in the checkbox adjacent to each app. By unchecking the box, that app will remain on your computer but be removed from your iPhone.

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