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    formating 2nd SSD on macbook pro
    I am currently running bootcamp with Window 8 and Mountain Lion. I am about to install a 256gb SSD, replacing the optical drive. The partition on my current setup is 125 gb for window 8 and 125 gb for OSX. Since this is the first time I am running a computer with two hardrive and two different operating systems, how should I go by installing (software) my SSD. Should I just make one hardrive run window and the other one run OSX. Is it possible to move the OSX partition to the SSD. Should I just install both window and OSX again on the SSD? What are some other options? Basically I am wondering what is the best way to go about setting this up. If i was just running windows or OSX, it will be alot easier. I know that the SSD should have most of the app/software and the HDD should just have musics/docs/pictures. But since mac uses fat32 and window uses NTFS, how should I format the 2nd hardrive. I do not want four partition with mac/window being on each hardrive.
    Also, should i place the SSD in the hardrive slot or the optical drive slot? or does it not matter?


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    The file system on a Mac is not FAT-32, it's HFS+.

    Any moving around of either OS X or Windows 8 will cause either of them or both operating systems to fail. The best way to go about this is to backup everything and reinstall on the SSD after it's in place.

    Also, since Windows 8 is a preview version, you're going to have to reinstall it anyway once the consumer version is released. The preview will expire.

    The SSD should be placed in the optical drive slot not the hard drive slot. The hard drive slot has the sudden motion detector which is needed for a normal spinning hard drive but not required for an SSD.

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