Suddenly my MacMail, which has been working perfectly for over a year or more, has refused to send outgoing emails to my ISP (BT/YAHOO).

After hours checking settings, and passwords, then in a long support call with BT at 2 call centres in India and Newcastle, the conclusion was that some Apple upgrades must have occurred!

All we get is the screen : <b> Cannot send the message using the server ... </b> + "Connections to the server “” on the default ports failed (error 54: Connection reset by peer)"

BT said there were currently quite a few issues coming up for support with Apple boxes. I hope it is not a case of "Windows supreme down with Apple" but the UK techy (using 'Go to Assist') seemed to know her way around Apple OS X, well.

As a retired person, my own outgoing emails are now small - the last being Sunday 30 September 00.02 hrs (GMT+1.00), - to a US based SVP of a world wide computer company, so I am sure it was received!

So whatever has happened is since then - if there have been upgrades, which are automatic on my machine, I have not had a warning splash to advise, reboot or anything.

I can still send from BT/Yahoo's cloud e-mail, and receive perfectly satisfactorily at that level, and at client level. Have we trouble with Java again?

Ideally could we have a staff response, as time is going to be wasted if this is a common problem - and of course a fix needed.

(Mac OS X 10.6.8 / Mac Mail 4.6(1085) / Firefox 15.0.1)

Thanks...... 14h44 BST; Wednesday 3 October 2012

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