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    Can't delete "Java" Preference Pane
    Ok, so a while ago I installed Java 7 but decided that I didn't need it and it would be best to stick with Java 6. So, I deleted the JDK and also made sure that there was only java 6 by checking the Java Preferences. But not, I can't delete the Java preference pane in System Preferences. Every time I right click and click remove "Java" preference pane it says "The “JavaControlPanel” preferences pane could not be removed because an error occurred." Please help.


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    Maybe you have already tried this...
    This way you can disable Java systemwide.
    Be careful though, you may inadvertently need it, even though you claim you don't.

    -Open the Applications folder and then open the Utilities folder.
    -Launch the “Java Preferences” application.
    -Uncheck the box next to “Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications”.
    -Uncheck all the boxes next to “Java SE #” in the list below.


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    Did you follow the Java 7 uninstallation instructions provided by Oracle (here)?
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