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    Rebuilding my Mac Mini & Home network...

    My Mac Mini (late 2009, 2.26 GHz, 4 GB RAM running OSX 10.8.2) is getting pretty slow, and it has become something of a main hub for iTunes content, photos etc.

    I want to centralise all my content on the Mac mini, but I think it is getting on a bit... would a rebuild help? I would simplify everything on it so that it serves as a home for said content, but wouldn't really use it for anything else. I will use the Macbook Pro for heavier stuff like Final cut editing etc.

    If this would help - how do I rebuild it to Mountain Lion with no disc as I bought it on App store? I have been using Time Machine to back it up - Can I use that?? I don't really want to have all the software and other stuff that comes with that though - hence the rebuild!

    I would rebuild to Snow Leopard, but God knows where that disc is - and if I rebuilt to the original build disc I would still have to upgrade to Snow Leopard before upgrading to Lion wouldn't I?

    Any suggestions??

    Also, is this a good idea to use it as a kind of home content 'server' in that my other devices could access it (Apple TV, iPad etc) - I would connect the Mini Mac direct to my router via ethernet to maximise the speed.

    Again any suggestions gratefully received!

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    If you are going to do a re-install, and you have bought Mountain Lion from Apple then you can create a bootable disc to do a clean install

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    Thank you for the link!
    Macbook Pro 2.7 GHz i7 16 GB
    Mini Mac, iMac, iPhone, iPad etc etc

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