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Thread: Mountain Lion install

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    Mountain Lion install
    Hi all

    I have a macbook running 10.5.8 and an imac running 10.7

    Is it possible to download Mountain Lion from my imac app store then install it on my macbook directly over leopard?


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    No. The requirement for installing Mountain Lion is spelled out very clearly by Apple in that you must be running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 before installing ML.

    Install Snow Leopard first on your MacBook (10.6.6) by calling Apple customer service and ordering the DVD by phone. Once SL is installed, you can access the Mac App Store and use your Apple ID to download ML to your MacBook.

    Note, however, if your MacBook is an early 2008 model or before, you can not run ML. Only MacBooks from Late 2008 until 2010 can run ML.

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