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Thread: Imac wastebasket (Trash)

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    Oct 01, 2012
    Imac wastebasket (Trash)
    Hello, I have the following problem: Every time I want to move something to the wastebasket I am asked by Finder for confirmation by means of my account password. Can anybody tell me where to change this so I can dump things without this confirmation?


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    You might want to check the ownership of the .Trash folder, open up a terminal and enter the following command
    ls -l ~/.Trash
    You might see something like this:
    drwx------ 82 root staff 2788 25 jul 17:26 .Trash
    This indicates that the .Trash folder in your home directory is owned by 'root' and as such you will be prompted for the admin password every time. If this is indeed the case, you can fix it with:
    sudo chown <username> ~/.Trash
    Replace <username> with your real username and enter the admin password..

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    Oct 01, 2012

    Your suggestion solved my problem.
    Thanks very much.

    Kind Regards.

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