i have a macpro with two 750 gb internal hard drives, one i only use as backup and boot from the other, a few times now ive meesed something up really good and had to erase the boot hd and clone from the second hd, all went great, no problems, until now, now i can clone from the second hd and boot up on the first but when i do a osx 10.7.5 update everything goes a little crazy, i run disk permissions repair and it seems theres at least 15 lines that say = this is wrong then it says it repaired, all to do with items in the library, afetr it goes though the repair it says everything has been repaired, then i restart but when i check again it says the same thing, a huge list of item in the library that are wrong and being repaired. i i dont update then everything stays good. what am i missing here.