Coming here for the first time to share a major problem with Apples introduction of address for email. I've had a alias that I set up as soon as mobile me was introduced and use as my main business and personal identity.
I'm UK based - last email that arrived in my in box 04.19 BST on 27/9. I was phoned by a client who told me that since then all emails sent to that addres are getting an error bounce-back "name not recognised". The alias has disappeard from the drop-down list apparantly replaced by - which I never set up. No warning, no explanation on ICloud support.
Was away in France when it happened and at considerable cost in roaming phone and data costs have pursued through Apple support. While it has been acknowledged that it should not have happened and icloud should have been an added option not a replacement there remains some doubt if the alias can be reinstated.
My apple id name @mac, me and icloud all work but because it was initially set up many years ago on a shared family Mac it is not an individual email so not a useful alternative. When I became embedded using for work scheduling etc. I wanted to change the apple id but couldn't so the alias was the best option and it has been my main email ever since.
While it appears only a small percentage of users are affected it is of huge significance for those who are.
Any thoughts welcome and in particular anyone know of ways round the formal systems to complain and get resolution and possibly in my case compensation for inconvenience and real costs.