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    mac terminal run a file of commands
    I am coming from Linux and trying to get a Mac to do what I want it to do. The question is what is the best tool to use. I want to mount (unmount) several remote disks. If I go into a terminal I can do the trick by

    mount -t smbfs //username:pass@addr /Users/me/RemoteDisks/mnt1

    Since I want to mount several disks I would like to put all of the information into a file, store it in Documents/subfolder and make a link to it on the desktop (or somewhere better, if there is a better place). At the moment I have manually run the appropriate command in the terminal and the remote disk is mounted and I see its contents. What I need is a one click method to run a file to mount all the disks.

    I tried Apple script but that didn't like my commands. I don't know exactly what it is expecting to see and perhaps Apple script is the wrong tool. I have no problems in Linux, but the Mac is new to me and I don't know what I should be using.

    Thanks, Ilan

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    You need to write it up in a text editor and save it as a shell script

    You can then create an application from the script

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    The "do shell script" command in Applescript should do the trick here. Take a look here. Put a few of those in a file for each mount and save it as an application.

    A simple example:
    do shell script "mount -t smbfs //username:pass@addr /Users/me/RemoteDisks/mnt1"
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    Thanks. do shell script looks like it will do the trick. I had tried it with just the part inside the quotes and that doesn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louishen View Post
    Thanks for that, looks interesting.
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