Up until a while ago, I could access pages from a certain website on my MacBook and iPad. For some reason, certain pages are now not accessible on either computer, and show a blank page. My son and his wife both have MacBooks, and they can view the pages I cannot.

The website is Cruises ? Cruise Deals to Alaska Hawaii Mediterranean Caribbean Europe | Princess Cruises, and the pages are under Find a Cruise. The pages not accessible to me are Search Cruise, Search Cruisetours, and Cruise Vacation Planner. The last page, Travel Agent Locator is accessible.

I do not know if there are other websites where I have this problem, as I have not really searched for one.

All pages were accessible, even on my iPad 6.0. Software on the MacBook is 10.6.8 and uptodate. The browsers in use, but with the problem showing the pages, are Safari 5.1.7 (6534.57.2) and Firefox 15.0.1. Installing a new Chrome 22.0.1229.79, allows me to see the pages. I have put Firefox into the Trash Bin and downloaded and installed a new version to no avail.

I have just bought a MacBook Air, and in first using it, I could access the above pages, but after copying certain data and programs across from the MacBook, the pages failed to show. Showing a different User, with nothing from the MacBook, allows me to see the above pages.

I am certain there is a software corruption on the MacBook (and probably on the iPad from something on the MacBook), but what and where and how to repair???

All help and advice gratefully received.