I'm a complete newbie to the Apple computer world aside from iPods, etc. Reading the Walter Isaacson book about Steve Jobs last year about this time, pushed over the tipping point.
I am a frequent backup user not only to an external HD but also Carbonite. I'd like to set up my new EA4500 (hasn't arrived yet) Cisco router with my existing WD 1TB WD10000h1U which I just formatted to whatever format OS X uses and did my first direct wired backup using TimeMachine.
The EA4500 has a 2.0 USB port for attaching external drives and I couldn't get a definitive answer from Cisco so I'm asking here. Do you think the above configuration will work? I'm a little doubtful because of what I just read on Time Machine help: If your backup disk is on a network, the network server must use Apple File Protocol (AFP) file sharing, and both your computer, and the networked backup disk, should have Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later. The AFP disk must also be “mounted” (available to your computer).
Note: Some AFP disks from manufacturers other than Apple don’t support Time Machine. If your network uses an AFP disk, but the disk doesn’t appear in the list of devices available for Time Machine backups, contact the disk’s manufacturer.
I've researched the above to try to figure out what it means but I haven't a clue. Any assistance you can provide would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.