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    Trackpad shortcuts for Mountain Lion
    Hi, I have just upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion. One of the things I loved about about my MacBook Pro was the trackpad shortcuts on Lion OS X. I could wiz in and out of apps, check which ones where open, show my desktop or pull out and select one of my open apps. When I upgraded to Mountain Lion though, I saw that they have all, for no apparent reason, changed. Its not to accommodate new features, it just gives you less control, less options and the shortcuts that have survived are VERY awkward, like to show the desktop i have to pinch outward with three fingers, which I have to do a few times for it to work. I only bought Mountain Lion for the iCloud, other than for that feature I really regret upgrading. Even the Finder is nowhere near as good as it was before, Apple seem to have disposed of small but useful features just to make the use of my mac more awkward.

    My question is, can I get back the old trackpad shortcuts without downgrading my OS X?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    MagicPrefs is a toolbar application, in which you can customize your own gestures, with either the magic mouse or the glass trackpad.

    These are not the old trackpad shortcuts, but you can customize them yourself to match.

    Hope this is what your looking for.


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    Thanks very much!

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