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    Trouble with "Preview"
    Posting here in the hopes that someone can help me with an issue that is driving me absolutely crazy.

    I'm a student and I use Preview to view and take notes on pdf files that my professors post. Whenever I use the annotations to write notes on the pages, the text box automatically resizes so the last word or couple letters are obscured and I have to manually resize them. Additionally, sometimes when I click on the text box to resize it, every once in a while it'll bump me down to the next page and I have to scroll back up and try again.

    It's not a HUGE issue, but it is very irritating, so if anyone knows how to fix this or suggestions on a different program that I maybe should be using, I would appreciate it.

    I'm also running SL, btw

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    Can't help you with Preview, but have you tried Skim | Home

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