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    Reinstalling iBook G4
    I have a G4 ibook that a friend gave me so I can start to work with the Mac OS and Software. I’m a computer tech by day, but I work with windows most of the time. I can reload a system a hundred ways but this Mac is making a fool of me.
    Sorry for my limited knowledge with Mac and Mac OS but that’s why I’m getting one and I’m here.
    It is a ibook G4 running 1 GB Ram 80 GB HDD with a cd-rom. It is running at this time so I can use any tool I might need. Data on it is not a concern.
    I have OS 10.4 on and 10.5 on dvd. I have a firewire drive and usb drive, but the system does not see the drives in the boot menu (that’s what I’m calling it after holding alt on boot) I’m running out of things I know how to do.
    Any help is greatly appreciated, if you needed anything more from me please ask.

    Edit: after a closer look 10.4 is a cd but is a OEM for a different Mac. I get a kernel panic so I have 10.5 on dvd

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    I believe the right key on a G4 machine to hold for the CD/DVD to boot is "C"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Morve View Post
    Edit: after a closer look 10.4 is a cd but is a OEM for a different Mac. I get a kernel panic so I have 10.5 on dvd
    Sounds like the OS 10.4 disk you have is a "gray-colored" OS install disk from another computer. These are model specific…and will only work on the model it shipped with. Assuming the OS 10.5 disk you have is the retail version (and not a gray disk or drop-in disk)…then the one major requirement to install OS 10.5 on this computer is that it has at least an 867mhz cpu.

    - Nick

    p.s. Like "Sur3Mac" mentioned…you need to hold down the "c" key during reboot…to boot from the optical drive.
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