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    Help making shell script for basic command
    I need to make a shell script for a command to create aliases for 500 folders in 500 parent directories. I've found one page that was useful (, however I need to put the aliases on several computers, and once the aliases made with that script are off my computer, the aliases are "dead," due to rights permissions, I assume.

    The command works when I copy and paste the commands one by one into Terminal, but I'd rather not do that.

    Example of folder structure
    .............person2/ etc.

    Example of command being used
    ln -s "/Volumes/server/people/person1" /shortcuts/

    Thanks for any help.

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    On Linux (that's what I have access to right now) something like this would work
    for dir in `find /Volumes -mindepth 3`; do
        ln -s "$dir " /shortcuts/
    The mindepth here ensures that you get the "server/people/personX" level. Without that, you end up getting "server" and "server/people" as well which you probably don't want.

    If mindepth is supported by OS X's "find", then this script should work..

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    Thanks, I see what you're getting at there, but that line of code didn't work. Here's a site with how OS X uses mindepth. Any suggestions how to change it to work? Thanks.

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