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Thread: help! partition hardrive gone sadly wrong, and i jsut can't work out the answer!!

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    help! partition hardrive gone sadly wrong, and i jsut can't work out the answer!!
    oh dear i have spent evenings trying to research how to fix this and the info I am now finding is above my technical capabilities so I was wondering if anyone could help a damsel in distress here!

    I successfully partitioned my hardrive to put on windows 7 with bootcamp.
    I gave windows 2 gb but when i started to download Sage software i realised there was not enough room.

    I looked up how to resize the partician and went in to disc utility / partition and resized the mac hardrice by dragiin the box and made the windows one smaller.

    .... now i think that is where i went wrong.

    So i though i would take off the partition and start again but bootcamp will not take off the partition and will not let me put on a new one. and now my hardrive looks a little funny.

    It says mac HD then greyed out disc0s4 and there is still a partitian with 0s4.

    could anyone help please ?

    thanks so much :-)

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    Can you post a screen shot of disk utility for more info. Open Disk Utility and make the screen shot and post it here. This will give us more info about your partition configuration.

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    Does not work that way. Camptune by Paragon will allow you to vary the partition size. Sorry to say you may have to go into BootCamp Assistant and remove the partition and start all over again.
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