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    Sudden Increase In "Other" Disk Space
    Hi all,

    I've had my MacBook Air since last August and really haven't had any problems with it. I booted it up the other day and had to get the update for Mountain Lion. When I went to update it it said that there was not enough free disk space for the update. I looked at the storage specifications for my computer and it said that 46.61GB were taking up "Other" Disk Space, this was something new. I downloaded Clean My Mac and a few other cleanup programs, but it did not clear a significant amount of room on my computer. Any suggestions?

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    Using "Clean My Mac" or other so - called cleaning programs could actually cause more harm than good. Avoid any of those types of programs. The only maintenance program we recommend is OnyX from Titanium software. It's free and is proven safe. Download from here.

    Also, please read through our Blog regarding hard disk space. That will give you a better understanding of the "other" category and what you can do about it.

    The link is here.

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