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    Question Chat Software? Internal, Closed Loop
    I was hoping someone could provide suggestions for a simple, friendly, INTERNAL (closed) chat system that will work on both Mac and PC, and specifically integrate with "messages"-on Mac. I have spent a little time with Microsoft Lync, which I don't believe integrates with messages, and actually couldn't even get the mac version to work due to this (MAC LYNC "No Kerberos Ticket Detected" - While using P1 Trial - Getting started with Lync Online - Office 365 - Microsoft Office 365 Community).

    Great start (Lync) to my attempt at integrating this at my firm. Not simple, not friendly, doesn't integrate with messages, and doesn't even work on mac (without trying too hard)-no thanks, Microsoft.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Closer than you think.
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    Openfire and Spark. Free and works with Messages.

    Spark would be the Windows IM client.

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