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    Trouble Opening a Secured USB Key
    I recently bought an iMAC desktop computer after years of using a windows based computer. I have 2 Verbatim USB keys containing photos which were loaded on my old computer. One key, which is not passcode protected opens immediately when inserted into a port on the back of the computer but the other which is passcode protected does not. Instead, a V-Safe 100.exe icon appears in the public zone window. When I open this I get a script page which says this program cannot be run in DOS mode followed by many lines of indecipherable script. Any help overcoming this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can't run Windows executables on a Mac unless you happen to be running Windows in something like a VM or through Boot Camp.

    The simple solution here would be to find a Windows machine and copy the files over. Do you have access to a Windows machine?
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    Yes, I still have my old windows based computer out in the garage. I'll dust it off today and do as you suggest. Thank you very much for your help

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