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Thread: Configuring a touchpad gesture to cycle through applications?

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    Sep 25, 2012
    Question Configuring a touchpad gesture to cycle through applications?
    Hi guys,

    New to the forums and (relatively) new to OSX in general. Truth is, I've had a 2011 Air (Lion) since this time last year but have never really got down to configuring it properly.

    So the thing is still pretty clunky. I've got a few cool things working - e.g Quicksilver... but I love the touchpad gestures and was hoping I could configure a gesture to let me cycle through my open applications.

    Much like cmd+tab but instead of going to the application switcher, I just want to cycle lazily until the correct window is active.

    I started to use BetterTouchTool but it seems I first need to configure a keyboard shortcut to do this same action. Any ideas how I can do this???

    Thanks for your time/ responses in advance. Will be very useful

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    Sep 25, 2012
    Guys, have solved my own problem. The 'move to active or next window' shortcut (found in system preferences --> keyboard) does this. NB. different to 'move to next window' which cycles windows within the same application.

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