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    How to reinstall OS X on new Hard Drive
    Please, I need help!
    My hard drive crashed so I bought a new one.
    I have my original Mac OS X Install Discs (2),
    I inserted the 1st one while pressing the c key.
    It tells me to select to a destination, but there is nothing to select!
    I've been hitting road block after road block...I don't know anything about computers.

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    We can't really give you a meaningful answer without much more detail, such as the model of computer, what version of OS X we're talking about, etc.

    One thing you can try to do (after selecting English as the default language) is look in the menubar for a Utility menu and choose Disk Utility. It could be a simple matter of reformatting the hard drive to HFS before OS X will let you install.

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    In Disk Utility, reformat is called Erase, and HFS is called Mac OS Extended, journaled in the pull-down menu.

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    New drives are usually formatted as FAT32 (if formatted at all), a windows format which OS X will not install to. Like chas_m stated, you need to reformat the drive so you can install the OS.
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