lost (Comand-R) function after first attempt to use Time Machine.
I took my machine to an authorized Apple service center in my asian country, he suggested that he downloads the operating system through my machine from Apple (took 10 hrs. so he says)...i get the machine back and i lost the "Develop Tab" from my desktop,whats that ll about? received a blank stare from the Apple Engineer. I digress. So i attempt to use time machine and managed to complete a back up (well it appears to have worked) but now i have totally lost the "command-R" function after restart. The Apple guy gave me more blank stares. So he shows me to go in with the "option" key at start up and i have no "HD recovery". The Icon exists but when i click on "recovery HD" icon the machine shows a grey page and a faded "no entry" sign, the circle with the line thru it. I see the same thing when i reboot and use "command-R". Previously with "command -R" i would see a white box with 4 options, right?

Can anyone please help me
thank you