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    recent documents
    I have a very specific question, which seems a trifle, but is annoying over time: after I start a new document in Word for Mac 2011, or open an existing one, save it, and close the document, the same document often does not show up later in "Recent Documents" in my Dock (in Mountain Lion) when I try to subsequently open it. I have Recent Items set to show 10 documents both in Mountain Lion's preferences and Word's preferences, so some documents do indeed show up, even other Word documents I had previously worked on, but often not the most recent one. What it means is that I have to open Word each time, go to its own menu, File, Open Recent, and find the document. It's just rather irritating when it would be so much easier if the most recently worked on file showed up in the Dock under Recent Documents and I could open it with one click... Anyone have the same problem and/or know a fix or know why some recent Word documents show up in Recent Documents on the Dock and some don't?

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    I have Leopard, and if you're talking about the Recent Documents in a Menu Bar pull down, I have the same issue with Word and Excel (O4Mac 2004). It's annoying, but I've never tried to troubleshoot it.

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    I'm not sure if there is a resolution for that. I just tested it with Powerpoint and Word 2011 and while "Recent Items" shows Powerpoint or Word, when you click on either it does not open the last document viewed or worked on. Definitely a pain. (I'm using ML)

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