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    Word for Mac 2011 - file corrupted
    Hi Guys, when editing my document in word for mac 2011 the word got frozen for a while, the text disappeared and instead of the text the documents is full of asterisk symbols (*). It probably happened during the autosaving but I'm not sure. Unfortunately, no document either in AutoRecovery folder or Temp folder. The document is possible to open but word is freezing then. I tried to save it as .rtf or .txt but it did not help. Any idea how to recover the document? Thanks a lot.

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    Have you updated your MS Office 2011 with the latest patches and service packs? The asterisk problem was fixed a while back with a service pack issued by Microsoft.

    Unless you have a backup of the file it's probably too late to save it. Auto Recovery in Word is useless and does not work to recover a document intact. In Word preferences under "save" make sure you check off "always make a backup".

    If the document still exists, instead of using Word to open it try using TextEdit to open the document. You may be able to recover some of it that way.

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    Thanks for info and clues. I have updated now. Hopefully, it does not happen again. I also found the backup option, unfortunately, after the document corrupted. I tried to open document in TextEdit, it is the same, full of asterisk :-( Fortunately, my loses aren't so significant and almost got to the point I was before I lost the document, as I have made one back-up version Sunday evening.... :-) Next time, hopefully, I won't be such a fool.

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