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Destroyer 08-23-2012 10:36 PM

Help with running Mountain Lion on my 32 bit machine
I'm glad you clicked on this link because you in for a ride with the story your about to here!
I got a mac from my cousin who got it from my friends mom who works with a lot of macs and teaches how to use them. It has the whole adobe suite CS5. I absolutely love them to pieces especially photoshop and adobe after effects. Now that my pc is pretty much done unless i get a new one i only have my mac (which has windows 7 on it through bootcamp but i don't have the admin password and it has thaw space so i cant make any changes) i have the whole windows suite with word and excel and stuff because my whole family uses pc, in fact im the only mac in the house. So you could assume we don't have pages and keynote and numbers. this mac is running 10.6.8 snow leopard and i love it to pieces. But I'm starting school again in a few days and I need a word processor so I go to the app store and look into pages and keynote. I decide their good so my dad gets his credit card on my apple id and i click purchase. it says you need 10.7.4 or later to download. And this is what starts a long line of chaos. I try updating because I'm so used to pc and it says everything is up to date. so then I do a little bit of research and find out that I am 2 models outdated. I missed Lion and now the newest one Mountain Lion is out i want it. So i ride my bike to a store because I am really excited about getting it and my dad couldn't take me till tomarrow but i couldn't wait. So I bike literally 6 miles to the closest best buy and I buy a app store card with a Birthday gift card I had from a while back. I get home and put the money on my account and buy Mountain Lion and this is what it said.... "We could not complete your purchase. OS X Mountain Lion is not compatible with this computer."
So I thought to my self "Crap, I'm going to need to get a new mac and i doubt my parents will let me do that so now what!" then i check online for the system requirements

"OS X v10.6.8 or later
2GB of memory
8GB of available space
Some features require an Apple ID; terms apply.
Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply."

Let's start with the basics.
I obviously have an internet service provider.
I told you already that i have an apple ID.
Now to the specs...

Memory: 2 GB i just barely make it.
MacHD: Available: 23.19 GB
I have enough memory and finally
Mac OS X Version 10.6.8
I just barley make it through that one as well. Next....
Wait.... so if I made all the requirements it said, why can't I upgrade. I do a bit more research and find out that ML doesn't support 32-bit macs. I find out that I'm a 32 bit computer. But i find my self on a webpage that can change that. It's a line of code into terminal. I put it in and it now says I'm running a 64 bit kernel and asks to restart I do so and then try to buy mountain lion again and find my self back were i started. "We could not complete your purchase. OS X Mountain Lion is not compatible with this computer.
" I am now out of webpages on this topic and don't know where to go. I cannot restore my hard drive because that would make me lose my programs and files. If you know what I need to do then tell me I don't want a way around it like backing up then restoring then updating then migrating. I just want to make the button work and do it legally. I tried contacting support then realized it would cost like 50 bucks. Someone Please Help!!!

Slydude 08-24-2012 12:03 AM

Your post doesn't say exactly which model Mac you have. You can find this information by going to the Apple Menu and choosing "About This Mac". Choose "More Info" and generate the system report. The first few lines in the report will tell you the Mac model and model identifier. Post that information for us.

I suspect that the problem is that the earliest part of the boot process occurs in 32 bit mode. OS 10.8 is entirely 64 bit. If that's the problem that Mac won't run 10.8. we'll be able to know that from the information in the system report.

chscag 08-24-2012 02:01 AM

The situation is you have a 32 bit machine that you faked out with terminal so that it's 64 bit. The problem, however, is that you're not faking out the Mac App store when it sees your computer. Your machine is still identifying itself as a 32 bit model. I don't know how you can get around that. You probably can't without some kind of hack.

Stick with Snow Leopard. It'll run faster and better on your machine than Lion or Mountain Lion and you can still run PPC apps which you can not do in Lion or Mountain Lion.

Also... I moved this thread to the correct forum as your question is not a rumor or report.

Destroyer 08-24-2012 10:04 AM

Thanks for replying quickly...
Here are the specs

Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac5,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Bus Speed: 667 MHz
Boot ROM Version: IM51.0090.B09
SMC Version (system): 1.9f4

and if theres a way for me to get pages thats the whole reason i need the processor. Also how can I fake the app store into thinking it's a 64 bit that can'r be that hard maybe uninstall then reinstall app store in 64 bit? or maybe theres an app store document that i can change? and what are PPC apps?

vansmith 08-24-2012 10:36 AM

You do have a 64bit processor - core 2 duos are 64bit. However, ML is very specific about what models it will or won't run on (list here).

If you circumvent this restriction, you'll find yourself with more headaches than benefits. You've got a machine that is nearly six years old and trying to run ML on that will hurt (simply put). In fact, I had a 2008 MB and that started to show its age with regular use of Lion.

If you need a word processor, there's always LibreOffice, MS Office 2011 or older versions of iWork. Given these choices, and speaking as a student, I'd recommend Office 2011.

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